Who is Lucy Jane?

Lucy Jane, simply put, is our special gift. A miracle.  
You see, Shannon has 3 handsome, wonderful boys. But as any mother of all the same sex children will attest, wouldn’t it be nice to have that girl/boy? But by Shannon’s 3rd pregnancy it was apparent that 3 would be the magical & final number for her. By #3 her mother-in-law had to move in because Shannon was so sick. She could hardly take care of herself, let alone 2 other children. So with the birth of baby boy #3 she realized there would be no chance for a baby girl.
Emily had a baby boy first and quickly became pregnant with #2, a baby girl. We rejoiced that we would finally have a baby girl!  But at 28 weeks pregnant, Emily went in for a routine check-up, and the doctor was unable to find a heartbeat. She was named Jessica and laid to rest in March of 2008. Emily, Shannon and many others were, of course, heartbroken and changed forever. Emily contemplated having more kids but was scared of something similiar happening again. 8 weeks later and not feeling so great, Emily took a pregnancy test, and to her surprise it was a positive! You see, Emily had needed “help” getting pregnant with the previous 2 babies, so this surprise was truly a MIRACLE!  It was to be a baby girl! This baby girl wanted to come at 20 weeks, but with a quick surgery and 4 months bedrest she stayed in for 16 more weeks. Emily wanted to name her Lucy. Shannon loved the name Jane. So here she is, our special gift, Lucy Jane.
We love her, we love her name, so we decided to name our cooking adventure after her, because of her, in her honor!

                                                                                                                                                                          LUCY JANE

4 thoughts on “Who is Lucy Jane?

  1. You darling girls! I had no idea you were such gifted cooks! So nice at a time when so many young women “don’t cook”. Love your Lucy Jane inspiration too. What a doll….

  2. I am so happy I stumbled upon your site. I having cinnamon roll dough in my brand new bread machine right now. Off to explore y’all’s page! Hope you’re still active on it. Cooking is so much fun and so is being a Mommy!

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