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Emily Scanlan

Even though I grew up around some great cooks, I never had a passion for it until I had a family of my own. My first love was baking. I have often been referred to as “The Brownie Queen”, but quickly realized there was more to baking than just brownies! I started baking for friends, birthdays and weddings and realized this was something I loved and took pride in.

 I have great memories of being in the kitchen with my mom watching her perfect some of the recipes that are staples in my family today! I get so excited when I come across a truly great recipe and can make it for those I love. I love tasting new things and I am always on the hunt for the best recipes.

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Cooking is an art that was lovingly taught to me by so many women in my life.  My mom has always been a good cook, and encouraged us to cook and bake. I remember looking forward to Sunday dinners at our house, because Mom always made them something special.  She taught me what the proper components of a meal are, and that it’s not only the food groups that matter, but color and composition as well. My Gram taught me to make pies and pastries.  My mother in law taught me the art of simple everyday cooking, and how to stretch ingredients. I could go on and on about so many others who shared their talents with me thru the years.  From my mom’s friends, to my church leaders, to my friends, I have been blessed to be tutored by so many wonderful cooks!

My kitchen is my favorite place to be.  Whether I have all day to spend creating something fantastic or a few minutes to throw something together before the next baseball game, I enjoy being there!  Life gets crazy managing a house full of 3 growing boys and a hard working husband, but the kitchen table is where we come together, and when the food is good, everybody’s happy!

Beyond the kitchen, I love a good farmers market.  I love a good bakery.  I’m lucky that I live in area where both are plentiful.  A fancy grocery store, even if I can’t afford to buy all that I wish I could buy, is heaven to me!   And plowing through cookbooks and trying new recipes is so fun!  I love tweaking recipes that are good, but with a few slight changes, become amazing.  Simple things can become extraordinary.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow…a cookbook guaranteed to have delicious credentials!! Can’t wait to turn the pages…and turn on the oven!!

  2. Is there a way to print your recipes without having to copy and paste. When I hit the “Print” button, it prints out several sheets with everything that is on the screen at the time. Thanks for your help.

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