Tortilla Soup

It is suddenly feeling a little more chilly here in Arizona. It makes me crave soup! I am in love with Mexican food. I love all the spices and cheeses and fried goodness. (remember, we never claimed to be a healthy cooking blog!) So this delicious Tortilla Soup was no exception of my love for all Mexican food. My good friend and neighbor, Stephanie, brought this over to us for dinner when I was on bedrest with Miss Lucy Jane. She brought us a huge pot of it so I had it for dinner and lunch for several days! I quickly asked her for the recipe and she wouldn’t give it up. I understood, but made her promise that whenever she made some to bring me a bowl. Well, several years later, she is sharing the recipe with us on LJB!! YAY! Thanks Stephanie! You are the coolest!

Tortilla Soup

  • 2 seven-inch corn tortillas cut into 1-inch squares
  • 1 white onion, minced
  • 1 green jalapeno pepper, minced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 Tbls olive oil
  • 2 lbs chopped chicken
  • 1 14oz can diced tomatoes
  • 1 5oz can ROTEL tomato and green chile
  • 1 10.5oz can beef broth
  • 1 10.5oz can chicken broth
  • 1 10.5 oz can tomato soup
  • 1 10.5oz can water
  • 1 can corn
  • 2 zucchini chopped in 1-inch pieces
  • 1 tspTabasco
  • Avocados (garnish)
  • tortilla chips (garnish)
  • Grated Mexican four-cheese (garnish)
  • Sour cream (optional garnish)
  • Cilantro (optional garnish)

In a skillet, cook the chicken in 1 Tbls. of olive oil on med high heat, about 5 min. per side or until done.  Cut or shred chicken into fairly small pieces. In a large pot, over medium-high heat, fry tortilla squares in 2 Tbls. olive oil, until they begin to crisp and turn a golden yellow. Add garlic, onions, jalapeno and cook 1-2 minutes or until onion becomes translucent.  Add all ingredients (except corn, chicken, zucchini, water); bring the soup to a low even boil. Boil for 5 minutes.  Remove soup from heat.  Use a hand held propeller blade to process in batches to the consistency of a course puree.  You can also process in batches in a blender.  Return the soup to the burner and add the corn, zucchini, chicken and water.  Bring the soup to a boil then back off heat until the zucchini is less firm.  Be extremely careful to avoid burning or scorching the soup.  Serve, garnished with blue tortilla chips, cilantro, Mexican four-cheese, and avocados and even sour cream.

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