Chicken Enchiladas


The guest post worked out so well yesterday, that we’ve decided to do it again today.  Today we’ve got our super cute sister-in-law, Michele,  and her yummy chicken enchiladas!  Michele is our health conscientious sister.  She cooks low-fat everything, watches what she eats, exercises everyday, takes her vitamins and tries to get plenty of rest (which is hard with 3 small adorable children.)  She always has that healthy glow, even on days she’s says she feels yucky.  I’m not sure how she does it!  I aspire to be like her when I grow up!

I love it when someone has a signature dish.  Something they make that they are known for.   These enchiladas are one of Michele’s signature dishes.  They are filling and yummy.  I know there are hundreds of enchilada recipes floating around out there, but these are one of the best.  For sure.  What I love about these is that they are a self-contained meal.  If you wanted to, you could just eat one of these and be fully satisfied.  No need for extra side dishes to complete the meal!  She usually serves them with a nice tossed or caesar salad, but, as I said, you don’t really have to because everything is already packed inside!  Thanks so much to Michele for sharing this yummy recipe and for just being so cute all the time!!!

Chicken Enchiladas Verde

  • 2-3 chicken breasts, boiled and shredded
  • 1-2 cans refried beans
  • 2-3 cups of cooked white rice *
  • 2 cups shredded mexican blend cheese
  • 1 can green chile verde enchilada sauce
  • 10-12 tortillas

Lay one tortilla flat and fill it with a large spoonful of refried beans. Next add a large spoonful of cooked white rice.  Then add a half cup of shredded chicken.  Followed by a quarter cup of cheese and a quarter cup of the enchilada sauce.

Carefully roll the tortilla up and lay it folded side down in a 9×13 pan.  Repeat process.

When finished pour leftover sauce on top of all enchiladas and top with cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until cheese melts on top.  Enjoy!

*Kitchen tip:  when I make these I will often use the precooked rice the either comes in a bag at the grocery store or frozen at Trader Joe’s.  Just warm it for a few minutes in the microwave and it’s ready to use.  It saves so much time waiting for the rice to cook



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