Cucumber Punch

I once brought this Cucumber Punch to a party, and I kid you not, I was getting phone calls for the next month asking for the recipe. It is a little embarassing when you tell people it is merely 3 ingredients. “But how could something so delicious be so simple?!?” I KNOW! I was getting tired of that complicated sherbet, 3 day prep, slushy stuff. Who’s with me?? So I called my mom and asked her for her best party punch recipe  she had. So really this is her recipe, but I use it all the time and do not mind taking credit for it!

Cucumber Punch

  • 6 oz. frozen limeade
  • 1 Liter 7Up or Sprite
  • 1 sliced cucumber
  • Ice

Combine limeade and 7Up in punch bowl over ice. Stir in sliced cucumber. (I always double and triple this recipes for parties.)

Tip: I like to mix the 3 ingredients  and let the flavors blend before I add the ice. Give the cucumbers some time to mesh with the liquids. Then add ice right before you plan on serving it.

That’s it folks! Tell me how many phone calls you get!

7 thoughts on “Cucumber Punch

  1. This looks and sounds delish! I’m wondering if you could add some white rum and mint, to make a Mojitos punch for the adults! Challenge accepted 😉

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